Monday, October 6, 2008

Ghosts and Vodka - Precious Blood (2001)

Tonight i've gone back and listened to a band called Ghosts and Vodka for quite awhile. They only really released a full set of songs and an EP, ex-members of Cap'n Jazz and Joan of Arc, etc. I've had their stuff since it was recommended by a friend some years ago on our trip out to record our own album, but i mention it here because they rarely get talked about. If you are into mathy, angular, guitar driven rock (almost with a 90s flavor), i believe you'd enjoy Ghosts and Vodka. On first listen, the intricate lines will wash over you with an overwhelming feeling of complication. A lot of it goes unnoticed for the first few listens, simply because so many notes and rhythms go by so fast. I love listening to Ghosts and Vodka (now defunct) when i need to get my up-tempo, skate video worthy, righteous-chicago instrumental on. Fully recommended. For lovers of Pele, Don Caballero, and the Promise Ring.

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Joel said...

the cover art is so CUTE!