Tuesday, August 28, 2007

happy birthday amy

this little girl makes me very very happy.

happy 24th, amy.

Friday, August 24, 2007

the hartses

another former Method member, Joel and his wife Sarah have jumped american ship to join the ranks of those teaching English in China. for quite awhile too. i am jealous and also proud. i will be thinking and praying for them especially in upcoming months. for those of you who don't know Joel, he is quite an accomplished music writer, as well as author of this blog.i am still searching around to see if they've got a blog having to do with their current travels... here is their website.more amazing friends doing amazing things. all very motivating. i thank God for my friends in this world. it's funny to say, but they are making it a better place. how novel. and possible...

a night with matt and jim

it's been too long since i've seen my friend Matt. we studied music together in college, as well as played in a band. he's one of the most generous and kind souls i've ever known. his dad and him are on a journey from new york out to idaho, via mississippi, and stopped in for one night. our short time together was refreshing. matt has doing some great work in africa while studying at columbia university. check out his and his wife Jacinda's blog here.. i miss the days of the method.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

first trip to the dentist in, say...7 years?

so i was plodding away at something on my computer a couple weeks back and unconsciously fingering some of my teeth when a good chunk of one came tumbling out of my mouth.
first thoughts: my teeth are rotting. this is what i get for not having been to the dentist since before college.
and more importantly: i have no dental benefits or insurance.
and possibly more importantly than that: what have i been doing since college to have no dental benefits or insurance?

i made an appointment. cavities. but not too horrible, considering.

i had my tooth pulled out yesterday without the "gas".
when i entered the office, though, i stumbled onto an employee prayer meeting. they asked me if i needed prayer, so i made a request. i prayed with them before i signed in. that's kentucky for ya.
the tooth came out as a miracle- apparently i had such bent roots in it that the dentist would have never considered pulling it, and would have sent me to an oral $urgeon, had she known. i was still bracing for the pull after she had it in her hand. didn't know it had even happened. and it ended up being pretty cheap. hallelujah.

Friday, August 10, 2007

the 360 works

i wrote a post a little while back about how my relatively new xbox 360 died on me. i despaired and then thought maybe i'd just live with it and regain some valuable real life hours.
well, where microsoft's products fall short, t's made up for it with customer service.
i called them, they sent me a prepaid box, i shipped my xbox out for repair, and a new one came back free. pretty nice.

and this means... see you later.

maybe they call it the xbox 360 because of the circle it makes when you buy it, have to send it back to microsoft when it breaks, and then returns to you again.