Sunday, August 24, 2008

bedside table goals

This is the first personal post i'll have made in a great long while. I considered starting a new blog but maybe that's too easy, maybe i should finish something i've started anyway. But this post won't be about music at all. A lot has changed in my life since Jesse's review of Portishead's 3rd, my moving back to Portland being one of the biggest.
So, for myself mainly, here are some goals i wrote down at my bedside table for while in pdx this time:

1) meet people. go to ilan's, asher's, etc.
2) watch better movies (miranda july, wholphin)
3) read before bed
4) go running (3x a week minimum)
5) bike to work
6) work
7) eat less and better (no artificial foods, no food after 8pm)
8) be picky
9) write a new album (electronic, strings, drums)
10) put tv away, no more halo except on mike's
11) get patio built
12) seek out installations and film screenings


Noelle said...

Yay Kevin! I have always loved reading anything you write, even if it is a simple list of goals.

Also excited to hear you're back in Portland. If I'm down there it would be great to see you!

I haven't seen Miranda July or Wholphin... do you recommend them?

this little sonic iceberg said...

Thanks for being so welcoming! I'm glad anybody's interested in reading this blog. I feel like i have so much i haven't said in so long i can't help it.
Yes, i really recommend Miranda July (she's the director from PDX that did You, Me and Everbody We Know). And Wolphin is a DVD magazine put out by the McSweeney's/Believer people and it's really really good. :)

monsterpants said...

hey kevin! i am inspired by your list, and have no place to type one of my own. so i'm going to follow your lead, and post mine in your blog, too! heh.

1. get my scooters sold
2. keep throwing shit away
3. realize not everyone can handle my heart with the levels of authenticity i've offered them and move on from trying to make those friendships work.
4. help produce shane's album pro bono
5. return cello to spu (or successfully steal it) (just kidding) (kind of)
6. finish learning how to drive a stick shift
7. throw or give away ALL craft supplies for crafts i never actually engage with
8. write 6-8 new songs for my full length-album to record this winter, or so
9. go to two dutch conversation meetups before moving away from seattle
10. get the drive across the country for my move mapped out and thoroughly planned while not neglecting to prepare for the eventual (permanent) relocation to amsterdam.

KEVIN. so much happens so fast in life that when you are only loosely, only remotely hanging onto a connection to someone and just by a tiny thread it's so hard to keep up!! i hope your move to portland is a positive thing for you and that you can really create the environment for yourself that you need to accomplish your goals.

you know i'm divorced, right? and moving to the east coast, and making music, and learning dutch, and planning to immigrate to the netherlands?!

no, you probably did not know. life is so exciting and insane!!!

hey- have you heard lacey's new ep that she just released?? it's SO good. wow.

anyway, if you are into making lists of goals you might enjoy it's my favourite website. sooo good. check it out. i'm monsterpants there, too.
- gw

this little sonic iceberg said...

Gwen, if you see this i'd love to get your email address and write you a bit more formally. It'd be great to catch up! I went to go post on your blogs but they don't look like they've been updated in awhile. my email is glowwormmusic at gmail dot com. It's so good to hear from you!